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La-Z-Boy South Texas

Interior Design Experts

La-Z-Boy South Texas is proud to offer complimentary Interior Design Services in New Braunfels, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and McAllen.

Living Room home decor with large leather accent chair cheetach accent chair and beige fabric loveseat
Our Designers

Meet our Interior Design Experts

Nancy Tindell

New braunfels

Nancy’s passion is Design and Art. She has been in the design industry since receiving her degree 28 years ago. There is nothing more exciting to her than transformation, metamorphosis.

She is known for extensive interior consulting work for commercial offices, residential homes, and model apartments. Whether reconfiguring existing spaces from color consultants to furniture layouts, accessories, selections of artwork and much more. 

It's all about making your house a home that reflects the style and personality of the client.


Nancy Tindell

Julie Jacks


With over 20 years of experience at La-Z-Boy, Julie has explored various roles within the company, from sales to management. However, her ultimate passion lies in being a La-Z-Boy Design Expert.

Throughout her career, she has developed a deep love for collaborating with clients and creating remarkable, well-balanced spaces for their homes. The art of achieving harmony and beauty within a room is what truly inspires Julie, as she values the invitation it extends to anyone who steps foot inside.

Julie thrives on working closely with her clients, using her expertise to craft fresh, one-of-a-kind rooms that strike the perfect balance.

Julie begins her creative journey by accompanying her clients through the gallery, engaging in meaningful conversations about their living space, personal preferences, aspirations, and dreams for the room. This process allows her to truly understand their unique vision and transform it into a captivating reality.



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Aoleon Gabriel


Originally from California, Aoleon has spent the past decade in San Antonio, Texas, alongside her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. Her passion for interior design blossomed during her summers assisting her grandfather in his renovation business.

From clearing out attics to working beneath foundations, she gained invaluable experience. Although she used to dread accompanying her grandfather to home improvement stores, they have now become her happy place.

She takes great pride in staying up to date with the latest design trends and colors, ensuring that her clients can always stay in style and embrace modern design.

Currently, Aoleon is dedicated to pursuing a professional degree in interior design to immerse herself in the exciting world of design. Her extensive training in Autocadesk AutoCad, SketchUp, 2D, and 3D has equipped her with the necessary skills to bring her design ideas to life. "Drawing inspiration from the lives of everyday families, I strive to infuse their spaces with a touch of style and elegance."

My true passion lies in creating a vibrant atmosphere for every space, using an array of colors, lines, and shapes to define and give it a true sense of purpose. Whether it's transforming a room into a lively hub for family gatherings or turning it into a serene retreat for relaxation, I take immense pride in leaving each space better than I found it. With my expertise, I can effortlessly turn any space into a functional oasis that everyone can enjoy.



Aoleon Gabriel-De Zavala(1)

Vanessa Thorn

Corpus Christi

Vanessa Thorn is a native of Corpus Christi, Tx. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and came to Lazboy with an extensive background in visual merchandising and retail management. 


As a creative professional, this designer stays up to date with the latest textures and trends in interior design by following influential designers and design firms through social media platforms. She follows interior design blogs and websites, and enjoys exploring through design magazines and books. Vanessa keeps current with the latest color trends using Pantone's Color of the Year. By personalizing fundamental pieces to withstand shifting trends, she selects decorative and essential elements to freshen up a space to make it functional and inviting. 


In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys spending quality time with her family, exploring her city's cultural art, food and music scene. This designer loves gaining experiences and inspiration by going on road trips and later applying them to her love for design.

Vanessa Thorn Headshot(1)


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