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A Complete Guide to Oversized Recliners At La-Z-Boy South Texas

February 26th, 2024 | 4 min read

By Ryan Podnar

oversized recliners at la-z-boy south texas

The La-Z-Boy brand has become synonymous with recliners over the years. From the classic recliner chair to the modern loveseat recliner, La-Z-Boy South Texas has an abundance of options to maximize comfort.

If you’re in the process of creating your dream living room, there are lots of things to be considered before buying furniture. You need to know the size of your room and how a recliner would fit next to your acrylic coffee table, among other things.

You may have heard about oversized recliners at La-Z-Boy. These recliners serve specific purposes but are well-liked by a wide range of customers.

This article will provide you with a complete guide to the oversized recliner selection at La-Z-Boy South Texas.

Key Takeaways

  • La-Z-Boy has two types of oversized recliners
  • While designed for larger individuals, oversized recliners are great for someone with pets
  • Power upgrades are available in oversized recliners

What Are Oversized Recliners?

Much like they sound, oversized recliners are recliner chairs that are bigger in size. These recliner chairs are specifically designed for larger individuals and can also be referred to as big and tall recliners. They provide extra space and support to accommodate individuals who may have a larger frame or need more room to relax comfortably.

Types of La-Z-Boy Oversized Recliners

Whether you’re looking for an oversized power recliner or just a simple oversized leather recliner, La-Z-Boy South Texas has multiple options. Let’s walk through the selection now.

Summit Chairs

redwood power recliner at la-z-boy south texas

Summit chairs at La-Z-Boy South Texas are a selection of two recliners representing our Summit Series. As opposed to our standard recliner selection, our summit recliners are wider and taller in frame.

Recliners apart of the Summit Series are designed for larger individuals and can be customized to fit a customer’s personal preference. Whether you’re adjusting the leather or fabric or selecting an oversized power recliner, La-Z-Boy’s Summit Series recliners will accommodate you.

If you’d like to check out La-Z-Boy South Texas’ fabric selection, you can order free fabric swatches to see which suits you best.

Example of a La-Z-Boy Summit Recliner

There are only 2 summit recliners at La-Z-Boy South Texas. Let’s take a look at one of the options.

Randell Rocking Recliner

randell rocking recliner la-z-boy south texas

The Randell Rocking Recliner has become a casual favorite due to its deep cushions and generous proportions. Its tall base can recline by using its elongated handle so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite movie.

If you’re interested in oversized power recliners, the Randell Rocking Recliner is also available in power! The Power upgrade makes the recline experience easier and more customized by using a remote control to find your favorite reclined position.

What’s more, when you find your favorite reclined position, you can set that position to default on the remote control with its unique memory setting. The next time you sit in your chair, you can press one button to get your chair in your favorite recline position.

To see how the Randell Rocking Recliner fits you, schedule an appointment with one of our in-store designers.

Standard Recliners

The majority of La-Z-Boy recliners fall under the standard category. Our standard recliners are narrow and shorter in height as opposed to the Summit recliners, and most La-Z-Boy recliners are standard.

While these recliner chairs are not a part of the Summit Series, some of these standard recliners are still oversized recliners with larger frames. Like summit chairs, these chairs can still be customized to fit you perfectly.

Example of a La-Z-Boy Standard Recliner

Not all standard recliners are oversized recliners, but there are a few of them that fall into that category. Let’s take a look at one of those examples.

Astor Wall Recliner

astor wall recliner la-z-boy south texas

The Astor has become a customer favorite at La-Z-Boy South Texas because it brings relaxation to new heights.

Due to its tall back, the Astor has three separate back cushions that can adjust to your body’s contours. The chaise seat and padded flared arms will make you feel surrounded in comfort.

The Astor Wall Recliner can also be upgraded to power and includes additional headrest and lumbar support. With the power upgrade, simply use the remote control to make your recline experience feel more customized and to control the headrest and lumbar adjustments.

For more information on the Astor Wall Recliner, take a closer look at the Astor Wall Recliner on La-Z-Boy’s product page.

Who Buys Oversized Recliners?

Oversized recliners at La-Z-Boy South Texas are specifically designed for larger individuals who need large recliners for additional room and support. Certain standard recliners and the Summit Series chairs are built taller and wider for this reason.

Does that mean that only larger individuals can buy a comfy leather oversized recliner? Of course not!

It is important to consider other factors, such as who lives in your house. If you have pets that you like to have with you in your furniture, an oversized recliner can fit both you and your pet if you are smaller in size.

Oversized recliners can serve a range of customer needs and can be customized just like regular recliners. If you’re interested in choosing leather for an oversized recliner, this article will walk you through how to choose the best leather for your La-Z-Boy furniture.

Is An Oversized Recliner Worth It?


After reading this article, you know exactly what oversized recliners are and who they are made for. Additionally, you have now seen examples of what some of those oversized recliners look like, and how you can personalize one to fit you perfectly.

The ultimate question is, is it worth it for you?

If you do not fit the typical-sized recliner chair and need more room and support, an oversized recliner is a great choice for you. However, if you are 5’5” and fit perfectly in a much smaller chair, an oversized recliner may not be the best fit for you.

The only way you’ll know for sure if an oversized recliner is good for you will be to come sit in one yourself. As helpful as we hope this article has been for you, there is no replacement for feeling the chair fit around your body shape in person.

To sit in one of La-Z-Boy’s oversized recliners, feel free to come into your nearest La-Z-Boy South Texas store.