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6 Common Problems with La-Z-Boy Power Furniture

November 1st, 2023 | 5 min read

By Stephanie T.

brown leather power recliner and gray power reclining sofa

As with many things in today’s world, comfort and convenience are now just a push of a button away with La-Z-Boy’s Reclining Furniture. 

For almost 100 years La-Z-Boy has been delivering style and comfort to the furniture industry. What started as a wood slate chair has now evolved into a vast selection of Recliners, Sofas, Loveseats, Sectionals, and beyond. All with Manual Reclining and Power Reclining Options. 

In this article, we will discuss potential issues that could arise with your La-Z-Boy Power Furniture and the solutions for these potential issues. 

Table of Contents:

1. Cost

Is power furniture more expensive?

In short, Yes, Power Reclining Furniture is more expensive than the traditional manual reclining furniture. 

The extra costs associated with Power Furniture are due to the extra electrical components, or motors, that have to be built within the structure of the furniture. Depending on which parts of the furniture are upgraded to power positioning also plays a part in the overall cost for the convenience of power reclining mechanisms. 

Power upgrade costs can vary anywhere from $300-$1,500, depending on the furniture model. 

At La-Z-Boy, you can customize your furniture to have specific upgrades installed to your furniture:


Cost of Upgrade

Wireless Remote


Headrest & Lumbar


Heat & Massage


Rechargeable Battery Pack



High-Quality Furniture, especially Power Furniture, is a significant investment, and having the ability to customize this investment is certainly icing on the cake. La-Z-Boy Furniture is designed to last with quality parts and craftsmanship and when cared for properly will provide you with comfort and style for many years. 

La-Z-Boy stands behind its products and we offer a variety of components with Lifetime Warranties. Visit our Warranty page for a full list of component warranties and their duration. 

If your heart desires power furniture but your pocketbook doesn’t, you may want to consider our Furniture Financing options. 

2. Power Source

Do I need a power source for my power furniture?

Power Furniture can offer you so many things, like comfort, versatility, and convenience, but there’s that one little thing about this type of motion furniture that can cause a bit of a hurdle for some. All power reclining furniture have motors built directly inside of them that connect to a cable that attaches to a power source. 

This should be considered when designing your room and where the furniture can and can not be placed. Not sure how to design your room with Power Furniture? Visit with one of our skilled Design Consultants.


Although using an extension cord is an option, we do not recommend plugging your Power Furniture into an extension cord. For best results, it should be plugged directly into a wall or floor outlet. 

La-Z-Boy does offer the option to purchase a Rechargeable Battery Pack. The lithium-ion battery pack eliminates the constraints of the furniture’s corded power supply. 

3. Accessing the Power Reserve

How do I access the battery pack in my La-Z-Boy power furniture?

La-Z-Boy Power Furniture is designed with a backup battery pack. In the event your furniture accidentally gets disconnected from its power source or in the event of a power outage, you can still utilize your furniture. 

Having a backup power pack is great, however, customers have had issues accessing the pack to replace the batteries. 


Knowledge is Power! The solution to this issue is as easy as knowing how.

Knowledge is Power! The solution to this issue is as easy as knowing how. 

  • The batteries go into the power supply box found at the bottom backside of the piece of furniture. 
  • The plug that goes into the wall is connected to this box. 
  • Underneath the box, you will find a latch for opening the box. 
  • Inside the box is a compartment for two 9 volt batteries. 

To replace the batteries, simply repeat the steps above and be sure to dispose of the batteries properly. 

Here is a video link How to Replace Battery Pack for additional assistance 

4. Battery Pack Issues

What are the issues with La-Z-Boy battery packs?

Remember how freeing it was when cordless phones were invented, and we were able to talk on the phone from any room!? It’s exactly like that but with furniture!

With a battery pack, you don’t need to place your recliner near a wall with an outlet or call an electrician to install an in-floor power source.

  •  The battery pack must be recharged frequently. 
  • As with pretty much anything that holds a charge, how long it lasts usually comes down to usage. The average battery source for your powered motion furniture should last you around 150 to 250 recline revolutions.
  • However, if you’re asking more out of the power from your furniture, like through USB hook-ups, a mobile headrest, or mechanical lumbar support, your battery will drain much faster.
  • The power furniture does not come equipped with a Rechargeable Battery Pack and must be purchased separately for $300. 
  • Safety concerns: You must keep the battery pack and cables away from the reclining mechanism to avoid complications and overheating. 


There is no true “solution” to the Rechargeable Battery Pack needing to be recharged. It's just the name of the game. 

Many customers have found that recharging their rechargeable battery pack nightly makes for a much easier use. Charging it nightly also provides for a better experience when using the power functions, when the battery life is low the motion of your furniture will slow. 

Another option is purchasing multiple battery packs and rotating them while the other charges. This will ensure your furniture is always charged and functioning properly.

5. Power Furniture Operation

Is operating power furniture complicated?

To replace the batteries, simply repeat the steps above and be sure to dispose of the batteries properly. 

Here is a video link How to Replace Battery Pack for additional assistance 

La-Z-Boy offers two different control panels for their Power Furniture.

  1. A wired Control Panel, known as a Toggle, with either 2 or 4 buttons located on the side of the furniture.
    WO40c_Norris_1HR-771_FL165-065_0132. A wireless remote upgrade, comes with a $150 extra cost. The remote is kept in a cradle located on the side of the furniture. 
    WO29b_Talladega_1HR-754_LB159053_026Issues with operating the furniture stem from either not understanding the button functions or syncing issues with the wireless remote and the piece of furniture.


La-Z-Boy has a ton of resources that are user-friendly. You can find “how to” articles and videos on just about everything regarding La-Z-Boy Furniture. Your piece of furniture will also come with a step-by-step instruction manual to help you along your power furniture journey!

Quick Video Link for Programming your wireless remote 
Quick Video Link for Understanding your Internal Remote

6. Repair

What do I do if I have issues with my La-Z-Boy Power Furniture?

La-Z-Boy Furniture is always designed with the customer in mind! We want you to feel empowered so many of these small issues can be resolved simply by troubleshooting. However, sometimes, some issues are best left to the experts! 

Rest assured knowing that defects of La-Z-Boy power furniture are covered by a manufacturer warranty. This covers multiple aspects of the product, some parts for a lifetime, and others for a couple of years. In terms of power furniture, it is important to note that electrical components (the motor) are only covered for 3 years. 

For inquiries within the South Texas area, you can Email or call 210-824-3981

What's Next?

Now that you are aware of the potential issues with La-Z-Boy Power Furniture you can decide if Power Furniture is the right fit for you!

Speaking of fit, don't forget La-Z-Boy custom Recliner fittings to ensure your Recliner is made specifically for you!

Visit us in-store at one of our conveniently located showrooms in New Braunfels, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and McAllen.